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Crystal Embedded Ketubah

Any one of the seven designs, or an original commission can be enhanced with embedded crystals. Ted Labow was awarded a US Patent for Embedding Ornamental Objects in Sheet Material, and is the only one who can use this unique method. A montee crystal, or any other ornament or bead (pearls etc.) can be embedded. The setting rests at the back of the artwork, and a small cut is made to allow the crystal to sit closer to the surface. The prongs of the setting are then bent back over the crystal. This allows for a beautiful, deep crystal look that goes beyond the surface of the paper and is truly magnificent. Costs vary with the type of crystals required (the photos have Swarovski and some are still available).  Many Czech crystals in glass are also very good. The Ketubah Workshop is the only place where this unique method can be done!

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